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to Daphne K.

7/13/2009 2:09:17 A.M. PST

Preface: I've not been able to sleep for three nights and finally Michael just said "type it out"...so he's wanting this to be known: 

He Loves Us and he's not far away, nor gone. Just in a different frequency. Like tuning the band on a radio station...I hope I can sleep now...

God Bless you, 
Pax Christos, Daphne 
Michael Jackson

       to Daphne Karandanis,  aka

This transmission was received last night, Monday, July 13, 2009
 at approximately 3:00am Yukon Time in Sitka, Alaska

July 13, 2009

I'm here, and I'm waiting, and like, what is this lag between my thoughts and people knowing that I am not really gone at all? I can see ALL of you, and some of you are hearing me, and cannot believe it, and some of you are willing to believe it, and for you folks, esp., I am very grateful.
I did not want nor intend to die. It was a malfunction of my circulatory system combined with the adverse affects of pain meds I'm addicted to because I have severe back injury from accidents and trauma and not maintaining my health due to intense pressure in the industry. Sony killed me...they squeezed the life-blood out of me...and I am so at a loss, and PISSED OFF, my children need me.
Did you see Paris talking at the stadium? She's never been in front of more than just a roomful of people, she had no idea of the magnitude of my career, and she just blurted out from her heart her most vulnerable feelings...she helped to open peoples' eyes...

Fools, they say they are not mine, but LOOK at them, they ARE my children...Paris' eyes are smokey green, like my father's, and my older son has my more prominent nose...people are still so racist...but my children love me, and Mom loves me and them, and Diana and Liz love them and Tito and Jermaine. 
I miss the baby...he is me...I am him...
This place I am in is a heaven world, but they tell me that the show "must go on" people will know that I am not gone because the London show will continue, and my energy will be so visible to everyone there and so palpable that they will finally know that death is NOT the end, it is a doorway...
You were asking me about my nose this afternoon during your nap, and I tell you, it started out slow, you know, I just wanted to "fit in" and look nice for my fans and my father was telling me I was so ugly...and then I saw what I could do, I could morph, change, into what I wanted to be, rather than feeling stuck in a cage like a wooden character who is doomed to a life of terrible misery. 

But it got out of hand...the pressure of the concerts, the phenomenal success of Thriller, we never dreamed, even Quincy, that it would do so well, go so big, and then I felt, you know, the fans expect perfection, I have to be BETTER, and that means in every way, so I had to be physically the embodiment of what I was trying to proclaim, express, in my lyrics and music...and I got sharper, more focused more intense, edgier...

Now some would say I'd lost my balance, my equilibrium, and in part that was true. You know, I did really love Lisa-Marie, but kind of like I love Janet, my sis, we just could talk until the wee morning hours, she really understood me. We love and care about each other...same with Brooke, but that's not a painful relationship, that is a fun one. Lisa-Marie carries a lot of the same wounds that I do, around her dad...
She said I was more like him than anyone else in the world. And she wrote that song about "Missing Daddy", you know she was only 5 when he died, at least Paris is a little older, she's 11...I'm so proud of her, she's an angel, my babies...

I am not gone. I am just not in the physical. I will make myself very known to many people, including your work partner/dear friend Wynn....I will help him with his music, but HE MUST ASK FOR IT, and believe in himself that his MUSIC is what will heal hearts, not just the metaphysical work...'cause music is the language of the soul. 

That's why I had you meet Brian, yeh, Holland....I am plugged into you and Terry and Brian and Wynn and others you will meet in the next 8  months...there is going to be a project. And you, Daphne, are going to play a central role, not just bringing my energy through, but in your own creative
expression...you are a volcano waiting to blow...
I knew you in Egypt and Lemuria, and Wynn also, and Terry from Maldek....you and I have worked together before, and you have worked with Al Jarreau and Stevie Wonder, and Michael MacDonald and Diana, oh Diana....she was a 2nd mother to me, you know?
When you were in Hawaii in 2004, before you moved back to Cape Cod and started to teach music, you were at the humane center with the kittens, and Ain't No Mountian High Enough came on the radio and you were crying so hard...I felt it....I could sense it...not at a conscious level, but my soul knew the connection I had with you, and I've been actively helping you with your music since Mar of 2004....that is why you've made tremendous strides in such a short time.

You were my patroness, and you were a high

priestess, and would attune to the musical vibrations and put them into the temples and lock them in the stones with certain relevant "keys"...now--

Your sister Stephanie is the keybearer, your grandfather left her that legacy, and your Cherokee grandmother left you the gift of the bearer of the Fruits of Music and the Land...that is why you had such an intense emotional reaction to seeing the film "The Last of the Mohicans", in 1992, with your mother, with whom I also have a connection...but she is in confusion in her heart now, and needs to forgive....

There is so much to share with you and your group. Pls. contact me often, and I will assure you your sleep will lighten and refresh you...you knew I was going to pass, that is why you were up all night for 3 nights watching my old videos of Human Nature, and Al Jarreau's song, Alonzo is similar in emotional tone, that is why you soar on it...
I came into your life this life during your time in Switzerland, in St. Gallen, and you were listening to two artists primarily besides me-- Kate Bush, who wrote "When You Wish Upon a Star"...which is about Peter Pan, (me), and Phil Collins, he was still with Genesis at the time, as well as Jarreau, who'd been a social worker in San Francisco....

You are at the beginning of an amazing adventure. As for me, they say I'm to be the equivalent of Beethoven for this age, from up here...but when Ascension happens, you'll be with me again, and it's on its way, it's only a matter of 3-4 years and we'll be working together. I promise. I don't break my promises...and as I told my fans in London in March, the BEST is still yet to come, and that is entirely the truth, it is....
I love you all, and I came to bring love into the hearts of people of the world...I hope I did a good job...they tell me I did...
Love you all with all my heart...Michael

Copyright 2009 Daphne Karandanis

All rights reserved. You are welcome to freely share this information as long as it is not altered in any way and presented in its entirety. God Bless you. Daphne 

Daphne K. Karandanis
PO Box 2283
Sitka, Alaska

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